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Klarna introduces hybrid working model

Klarna has announced a new worldwide flexible working policy, saying that the past two years had “proven” significant growth and success can be achieved with hybrid working.

The policy gives employees the option to work remotely within their country of employment, or state/province in the US and Canada, as well as from the office.

Additionally, employees can now work abroad for up to 20 days per year at Klarna offices outside of their employment country, “promoting global team building, personal development and professional career growth opportunities”, said the firm

Klarna is also providing each employee with an annual payment contribution and equipment that can be used to improve personal home office space or upgrade work accessories.

The new model will facilitate monthly in-office gatherings in order to tackle aspects of work where in-person interaction “remains valuable”, the firm added, whether this be for creative problem-solving, brainstorming sessions or fostering “meaningful professional relationships”.

Klarna said it will continue to invest in offices around the world.

“If you love what you do, you should love where you do it,” said Linda Höglund, chief operating officer at Klarna. “We appreciate that everyone has their own preferences of where and how to work, and we are combining the power of face-to-face interactions with effective remote work, to create a hybrid model that empowers employees and encourages company-wide collaboration.”

Klarna says it currently has 7,000 employees from 100 nationalities, that support 20 international payments markets.


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