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Motatos launches in UK offering 60% off branded items.

Swedish surplus online grocer Motatos launches in UK.

Motatos sells ambient food and fmcg that might otherwise go to waste because of changes to packaging specification or a short remaining shelf life.

Aldi and Lidl are in for some tough competition, as another European budget supermarket has officially launched in the UK today - and it claims to be up to 60% cheaper.

Online retailer Motatos has been dubbed the "Swedish Lidl" and it is set to rival the popular German discounted supermarkets in terms of affordability.

Founded in 2014, the company began trading in Sweden under the name Matsmart and it has since expanded into Denmark, Finland and Germany.

Today marks the companies official launch in the UK and, while it will be online only, Motatos promises UK shoppers "well-known products that would otherwise risk ending up in landfill". The company has also said that it manages to keep costs down by selling surplus food from wholesalers.

There isn’t a shortage of branded goods at Motatos, including household names like Heinz, Cadbury, Kellogg’s, Walkers and Typhoo.

Deliveries are made by third party logistics companies, typically taking between one and three working days, with the cost of shipping depending on the size of orders.

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