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With years of experience with multiple platforms across a variety of businesses.

On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to

relate with clients, and understand their core necessities and goals.

Below are some examples of the work our team has helped with

- take a look, and get in touch to learn more.


"Grow's tailored advice for our e-commerce growth has been very valuable in streamlining our business and bringing growth. Grow ecommerce are a very valuable asset to any company who would like ecommerce growth. Grow's team's experience, backgrounds, connections and understanding of the needs of each business and personalising of advice is what makes them different than any other consultancy".


A hybrid between Magento1 and WooCommerce, where the front-end is largely based on WordPress and allows for the bespoke style, we were headless from before the time headless became a thing. Our biggest challenge was the complexity of this combination and nobody being able to optimise this and so we approached Grow' and they fully optimised our server, theme, and the combination of caching mechanisms, resulting in an ultrafast shopping experience.

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"We have seen exponential growth in our online revenue over the last couple of years and have found Grow' to have been of strategic importance to our business. 

Grow ecommerce are always at hand when new ideas or even confirmation of existing thought processes is needed.  It's like having a colleague you can lean on when you need advice.  We've seen great introductions to the best technologies that have been spot on for our requirements"

Grow Brands: Projects
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Grow assisted with the preparation on a full Partner Site Assessment and Usability Audit with multiple recommendations for improvement.  The review’s goal was to isolate areas of opportunity for the PVH brand and increase sales through simple improvements in website automation and UX changes. It additionally tested for customer affinity to Calvin Klein via recommendation emails and automated customer journey flows. The report focuses on three main areas: 1) the site’s usability, 2) customer journey through email automation, and 3) search engine optimisation efforts.


"Grow' has been excellent with helping us find a team that matches our project goals. They took the time to understand the full project scope and has done an amazing job at filtering the potential teams so we were able to speak to only relevant providers. Another really valuable point was that Grow' not only helped with the direct requirement but also understood the business objectives so well that they made great introductions to complimentary services that were not even on our radar"

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“After working with Grow' we have received the benefit of their knowledge and relationships, which has enabled us to avoid a painstaking amount of research, with the risk of having to change suppliers should it not work out, and the costs/disruption that would have caused.  We are now evaluating additions to our technology stack that will help us achieve our goals for growth over the next few years and Grow' will be joining us on our journey”

Grow Brands: Projects

Complex personalisation requirements Gro' helped introduce Posh Totty to technologies allowing us to build unique customer profiles to provide each shopper an outstanding brand experience showcasing complete the look, product compatibility, relevant content and search results that continue to engage our customers, all while driving key metrics: increased AOV and conversion rates.


Exploring options for a replatform and all the associated technology choices, is made easier when you have a partner that is there by your side, to help avoid pitfalls and enhance your strategic decision making. 

"Grow have been very helpful in clarifying our strategy, and researching various options for our Magento upgrade. We highly recommend Grow' and look forward to our future engagements with them".

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We pride ourselves on high quality 100% real leather with natural finishes. Some may call them imperfections, but it's these unique blemishes that make a Lakeland Leather.

​"We've known Grow' for a few years now.  Grow always listens to our brand's needs and brings interesting projects to the table.  It's never a constant sales pitch, but a considered approach to what will genuinely help us evolve".

Grow Brands: Projects

Grow is helping us with our go to market strategy in both the UK and USA markets. 

They have been invaluable in areas such as replatforming our website, setting up and optimising our email and marketing email workflows to give our customers the service we are already famous for in our store.  Grow is also running our digital marketing and social media / influencer campaigns.  We have seen considerable growth with Grow ecommerce and are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them further.

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 11.06.18.png

We were searching for a way to increase conversions and improve our merchandising strategy.  Grow analysed our current technology stack and the goals we wanted to achieve.  They also got a good handle on our internal capabilities and time availability to manage any platform.  Grow narrowed down to a system we could have granularity of control with, and be able to set and forget.  Coupled with an impressive AI function we've never looked back. 

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 15.02.30.png

Our sales projections for next year had to be totally recalculated, and this is thanks to Grow and their team.  Grow helped us analyse where we really are and realistically where we could be with the right strategy.  From platform selection to marketing and a general business plan analysing the market, both offline and online, Grow has expanded our expectations of ourselves and showed us the value we hold within our niche market, which is larger than we thought.  

Grow Brands: Projects
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