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Amazon UK Launches Unbranded Packaging for Off-site Orders - How it works !

Sellers who use Amazon fulfilment in the UK for off-site orders will now see some packages being shipped without Amazon branded packaging as it continues its march toward offering logistics services to merchants.

The unbranded packaging program, which Amazon is offering at no additional fee, is available to sellers who use Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF). An Amazon spokesperson told us the packaging materials – including boxes, tape, and poly bags – do not contain any Amazon branding.

Here’s how it works:

“All MCF sellers will be automatically enrolled in the program. Unbranded packaging will be available for eligible sortable items, which include all non-apparel and footwear that do not exceed 45.72 x 35.56 x 20.32 cm and/or 9 kg. These items will begin shipping in unbranded packaging, and sellers will be able to view a performance dashboard to review what percentage of their orders are going out in unbranded packaging.”

The company is calling it a pilot program. While all MCF sellers are automatically enrolled, Amazon said MCF orders would be “prioritised” to ship in unbranded packaging “when inventory is available for unbranded packaging.” Amazon notified some sellers of the program in March.

In 2020, we reported on the program for US merchants called “MCF blank box order fulfilment.”

The new program aligns with Amazon’s approach to cater to off-Amazon transactions using its infrastructure – not only fulfilment, but payments as well. The unbranded packaging program follows last month’s announcement of Amazon Buy with Prime, which lets FBA and MCF merchants offer Prime on their own websites.

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