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Milan Fashion Week - ARTERiA, L'oro della Terra" (The Gold of the Earth).

Last night 23rd, Palazzo Visconti in Milan hosted the first edition of ARTERiA, a project presented in June 2022 by Craft Sharks and Emerging Talents Milan. The event was curated by Silvia Ranzi and Leopoldo Vendramin, and the theme of the first edition was "L'oro della Terra" (The Gold of the Earth).

The name ARTERiA comes from the word for artery in Italian and stands for Art, Era, and Internet, representing the channel through which artists from the real world connect with the new world and vice versa, made possible through Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The event was a collaboration between Silvia Ranzi, the creator of the format, and Leopoldo Vendramin of Cryptoartitalia, who became the official partner for this first edition. Vendramin was instrumental not only in selecting the artists but also in programming the day dedicated to meetings between the public and industry professionals.

Palazzo Visconti

Palazzo Visconti, an exceptional location, hosted the event during Milan Fashion Week thanks to Emerging Talents Milan by Tariel Bisharyan, who proposed a rich calendar of events in this wonderful setting, as is customary every season.

According to the curators, the first edition of ARTERiA was dedicated to eight well-known names in the world of crypto art and two names known in the world of phenomenal art, who took the opportunity to mint their first NFT and take their first step towards this new era. The participating artists were Billelis, Annibale Siconolfi, Federico Garibaldi, Andrea Crespi, Alessandro D'Aquila, Waro, Iena Cruz, Mr. Wany, Mendacia, and CryptoMadonne.

EMERGING TALENTS MILAN is an innovative international fashion platform in Milan dedicated to talented fashion designers, aimed at giving them visibility, also in connection with major fashion brands. Since 2016, the project has already hosted over 100 brands from more than 40 countries in Milan.

CRAFT SHARKS is a collective of meta creators that supports individuals and companies in the creation of NFTs, community conversations, and virtual locations. They are also attentive to the evolution of the art world, promoting digital and non-digital artists in both the Metaverse and the real world by collaborating with the most competent organizations in the industry.

CRYPTOARTITALIA is the first Italian company specializing in the creation and realization of artistic projects in NFTs. Representing the first Italian community supporting artists and companies capable of "reading" and "predicting" the real developments of the near future, the company's Art and Lab divisions are able to conceive and develop artistic and communication projects by involving art academies, galleries, creatives, designers, collectors, and programmers.

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