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The Deck opens new store on Saville Row!

The Deck, the popular fashion brand, has recently announced the opening of its newest store on the iconic Savile Row in London. Savile Row, known for its history of bespoke tailoring, has now become the latest destination for the latest fashion, with the opening of the new The Deck store.

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The Deck is a fashion brand that has been known for its cutting-edge and innovative designs, and the new store in Savile Row promises to be no exception. The brand is famous for its unique approach to fashion and its commitment to creating high-quality, stylish pieces that are accessible to everyone. The new store will showcase the latest collections from the brand, including its most popular lines of clothing, footwear, and accessories. In September 2020, The Deck became the first women’s tailoring brand to set up shop on Savile Row. Now, just two years later it has moved from 19 to the greater number 32. Across a generous 2,000 square feet, clients of the community – both old and new – are promised an enhanced in-store experience for full custom women’s tailoring, with more than 7000 cloths to choose from, as well as a fine selection of linings, buttons and monogramming for each proposed suit. A bespoke shirt service is also on offer in the space, reports Retail Times.

The opening of the new The Deck store in Savile Row is a major event in the world of fashion and retail. This prestigious location is known for its heritage and style, making it an ideal location for the brand to showcase its latest collections. The store will be spread over three floors, with each floor showcasing a different aspect of the brand's collections. The first floor will be dedicated to women's clothing and accessories, while the second floor will focus on men's clothing and accessories. The third floor will feature a VIP lounge where customers can relax and enjoy a drink while they browse the latest collections from The Deck.

The Deck's new store in Savile Row promises to be a unique shopping experience for customers, who will be able to browse the latest collections in an environment that is both stylish and welcoming. The store's design has been carefully thought out, with a focus on creating an atmosphere that is both chic and comfortable. Customers will be able to try on the latest collections in private fitting rooms, while trained stylists will be on hand to offer advice and assistance.

The opening of the new The Deck store in Savile Row is a significant milestone for the brand and marks its continued growth and success in the world of fashion. With its cutting-edge designs and commitment to quality, The Deck has established itself as one of the leading fashion brands in the world, and the new store in Savile Row is a testament to its continued success.

Reported by Retail Times and in light of the new store opening, founder of The Deck, Daisy Knatchbull, says: “I launched The Deck in 2019 with a vision to dress the success of the world’s most self-empowered women – and three years later, I couldn’t be prouder of where our house stands. This new space on Savile Row is the biggest physical manifestation of The Deck to date; designed and curated to reflect the grand scale of our garments on offer. I’m incredibly excited to continue with the creation of all tailored identities from this tremendous space. Whether you’re an existing customer of The Deck or someone with a newfound sartorial curiosity, our new doors are always open to welcome you, because our story cannot exist without yours.”.

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