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eBay launches e-wallet and digital collectibles marketplace

eBay has announced a number of new digital products and services as part of the company’s new tech-led strategy.

At the first-ever eBay investor day on Thursday, the company’s chief executive Jamie Iannone revealed that the online marketplace would be launching a new digital wallet.

The e-wallet will enable customers to use proceeds from their sales to purchase their next item or pay for their selling expenses.

The chief exec also announced the launch of eBay Vault – a 31,000 sq ft storage facility and digital marketplace for trading cards and collectibles – with additional plans to expand into luxury goods.

The marketplace will be launched in the US in the next quarter.

"Over the past two years, we have fundamentally changed the trajectory of our marketplace,” said Iannone at the event earlier this week. “We are building an eBay for the future by doubling down on what we do best – connecting sellers and buyers of non-new in season products.”

He added: “We see incredibly compelling growth potential in this market and believe it is our opportunity to win by sharpening our focus and continuing to create value through a tech-led reimagination of eBay. We have the right team and vision to deliver on our goals and continue returning value to our shareholders."

Iannone told investors that the online business expects revenue growth of between five and six per cent next year, compared to the zero to three per cent predicted for this year


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