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English Vodka! - Wild Knight - Wins awards and continues to Grow' - our Q&A.

Wild Knight is the creation of husband and wife team, Matt and Steph Brown, who for the

past 25 years have helped many clients, both in the UK and internationally, with their

design and marketing, including Toshiba and The Sunday Times.

Matt and Steph's desire to create their own vodka started in 2010 when Matt travelled to

Mongolia to be the best man at his brother's wedding.

Why was Wild Knight® English Vodka created?

Matt says, "Vodka plays a huge role in Mongolian social life and a traditional wedding day

starts with sharing a bowl of vodka!

"Many bottles of Mongolian vodka were consumed during my stay, and this got me thinking

about how Steph and I could produce a smooth sipping vodka in the UK.”

How is the vodka made?

Wild Knight Vodka is made using the finest malted East Anglian barley. After fermentation

the vodka is distilled in a traditional copper pot still with a refining column, which creates a

very pure, high-quality vodka. Wild Knight Ultra-Premium English Vodka is hand-crafted

and designed to be a ‘sipping’ vodka. Perfect at room temperature or over ice.

Are you both lovers of Vodka – and did that play a part in the development of the brand?

Yes, we both enjoy vodka but wanted to create an ultra-premium English sipping vodka;

one so smooth and refined that it is the ultimate vodka. It was awarded Gold in the World

Vodka Awards in 2020 for the Best British Varietal Vodka.

Matt and Steph decided upon the name as they wanted to encapsulate a spirit of adventure

and the heritage of England. Wild Knight sums up all the fun, enjoyment and traditional

spirit that they wished to convey.

How long has the process taken you from start to finish?

They started considering the possibilities back in 2010. Everything has taken time, from the

creation of the brand to the colouring of the bottles, the registration of the trademarks and

of course, the crafting of their vodka.

Steph is particularly proud of their bottle, saying: "We drew on the experience of a

specialist label manufacturer and they have helped us create the most amazing labels,

individually crafted from pewter. Each one is hand-polished and looks incredible.”

Tell us of key moments of achievement since you started Wild Knight?

The launch of Nelson's Gold in 2017 continued our drinks journey. Our caramelised spirit has proved to be a real crowd-pleaser and a medal winner at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

In June 2018 we launched Boadicea Gin – ‘Classic’ (blue bottle). Distilled in one of our copper-pot stills and with notes of citrus, thyme and nettle.

Boadicea receives amazing feedback from lovers of premium gin. Gin is a flavoured vodka, so the production of gin was a seamless step. Boadicea Gin ‘Spiced’ (red bottle) followed in the winter 2018. April 2019 saw the launch of Boadicea Gin ‘Rosa’. A delicious distilled pink gin with subtle notes of peach and cherry.

Our Nelson’s Gold is such a popular drink and it got us thinking how we could extend our vodka range further. The favourite that emerged next was Wild Knight Espresso Martini. We capture the deep complex flavours from single estate espresso coffee and combine with our smooth sipping vodka to create a hugely popular drink. In September 2019 we launched it at a food festival and the bottles were sold out within the first two hours.

Some memorable moments have been the relationship developed with Historic Royal

Palaces to supply the Tower of London. We were also approached recently to supply the

Ambassador’s Residence in Paris for an event supporting Paris Fashion Week 2022.

International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) medal winner

In August 2020, we were delighted to win a Silver Medal at the The International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) for our Wild Knight Espresso Martini.

Our ethos - we create authentic, premium spirits with real provenance and personality.

We are continuing to develop new spirits with this theme in mind.

Why don’t you share with us the spirits you love and how you enjoy them. You can find us on socials - search Wild Knight Distillery.

Perfect gifts for discerning vodka and spirits lovers can be bought direct here:

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