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Fortnum & Mason launching flagship store on Tmall Global.

Fortnum & Mason is launching an official store on Tmall Global, China’s largest online B2C marketplace.

Having established a ‘strong brand awareness’ with affluent Chinese consumers, the 315-year-old British department store is partnering with e-commerce accelerator Pattern to expand its online business to China as part of its regional growth strategy.

Pattern will serve as Fortnum & Mason’s trade partner and support all aspects of the running of its new flagship store situated on the Tmall Global marketplace.

The flagship will offer an edit of Fortnum’s most famous products for Chinese consumers, including tea, wine & spirits, and wicker hampers.

Carmen Chiu, regional managing director Asia Pacific at Fortnum & Mason, said: “For centuries, Fortnum’s has thrived on delivering a sense of pleasure for our customers and we are delighted to share that with a new audience in China.

“Fortnum & Mason is positioned perfectly to create the aspirations for those seeking for high-quality experience to elevate their lifestyle. As a multi-category brand, we can meet the needs for every occasion worth celebrating with something more special,” she added.

Pattern state that they will offer a data-driven approach to Fortnum’s trading on Tmall.

Arthur Cheung, Pattern’s Asia general manager, commented: “We are proud to join hands with Fortnum & Mason at this exciting time for the business and will be working together closely to ensure a successful launch for the Tmall Global store.

“While the Chinese ecommerce market is extremely competitive, there is always space for brands with a strong history and pedigree,” he added.

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