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Grow' partners with NASA !

NASA announces plans for new eCommerce website for ISS.

NASA's Head of Mission Control, Richard Jervase announced today, that plans for a website have been in the pipeline for a long time, and due to more frequent rocket launches, (coming as a direct result of the growing private space launch sector), NASA is now in a position to be able to offer more regular space delivery services to astronauts aboard the ISS.

"We have 'last mile' and even the first 250 mile delivery service wrapped up, however we needed a partner to consult on the best technology options available, and this is where Grow' is going to provide a robust evaluation of all available options to us". Richard said.

"Astronaut's have long complained of difficulties getting exact items they need such as easter eggs and running shoes, because choices have been previously limited. NASA will now able to provide those via 'private partnership' launch vehicles such as SpaceX. First and Last Mile are really taken care of, its the website thats the issue.

Grow plans to find super fast platforms which can handle the latency of ISS communications with ground stations located around the world, though traffic to the website will be low, due to only one or two astronauts shopping any any given time. Packaging is another issue as available space is limited on the ISS.

"Grow is already recommending BigCommerce, and that fits with us at NASA as we like to think big. The other requirements we have are for an ERP or WMS, Email Marketing and Personalisation, as each astronaut has different personas". said Richard.

"Grow are open to any suggestions within the ecommerce community as to what technologies are best suited to such an ambitious project. With space tourism in its infancy this is a 'prime' opportunity for early entrants to the market". said grow.

Announcing this on April 1st !

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