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Halfords to sell second-hand bicycles

Halfords has revealed plans to sell second-hand bicycles in a bid to enter the increasingly lucrative market.

The retailer will offer customers up to £250 for their unwanted bicycles.

Halfords has estimated that there are currently seven million unused bicycles going to waste in sheds and garages.

It plans to do them up and then sell them after a successful trial of the service.

Late last year, Halfords said it was running short of some models following production problems at Covid-hit factories, a lack of lorry drivers and shipping disruption.

The Halfords scheme is geared towards bike owners upgrading their bikes, with the payment for their bike being made as a store credit.

“With demand for bikes so high, well-publicised supply chain constraints, and a cost of living crisis on the horizon, it can’t be right that so many perfectly good bicycles are being left to gather dust in sheds and garages,” Halfords chief executive, Graham Stapleton said.

Halfords’ bike sales rose 54% for its financial year to June. It plans to buy conventional bikes rather than electric models.

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