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L.K.Bennett Launches L.K.Borrowed !

Got high end tastes but a high street budget? Rental fashion is the smart way to indulge your fashion passions without your little black dress putting your finances into the red.

We’re all feeling the financial pinch with the rising cost of living, leaving us with a small budget to accommodate all our big events for the upcoming party season. The answer to all our outfit woes is rental fashion.

Renting your party pieces not only saves you money and wardrobe space, but it's far more sustainable than buying outfits for every event. Plus, it means you can get your hands on some amazing designer pieces that you’d never normally have a chance of wearing, and for a fraction of the price of buying them. It also means you can literally dress as a princess for a night, with brands favoured by royalty.

And what would party season be without a classic LBD? It’s a timeless silhouette that will always be in fashion and it looks good on everybody, no matter what age or size.

To give you a taster of the trend, we’ve styled seven little black dresses from different rental brands with prices starting from just £19.

Get the royal look for less! Favoured by Kate Middleton for its elegant dresses and stunning coats, iconic British brand L.K.Bennett has launched its own rental service, L.K.Borrowed. You can choose two different pieces off the site for just £79 per month.

With diamond embellished buttons and puff sleeves, this simple but sophisticated black midi will have you looking and feeling like a princess.

Dress L.K.Bennett at L.K.Borrowed Rental £79 per month subscription here

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