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Loot is launching its new website, making it the premier destination for second-hand goods.

In an exciting step forward for the brand, the owners of are proud to launch the new and updated website as the premier destination for second-hand goods, ranging from everything to classic vintage fashion pieces, furniture and miscellaneous electronic items.

Founded in 1984 as a classifieds magazine as a means to buy, sell or exchange anything, the newly launched site brings sustainability and quality to the fore, guaranteeing that what was once loved can find a new home.

With the relaunch, sustainability is to the fore. We understand that the world is in the midst of a climate emergency, and sustainability needs to be at the core of everything we do. We have developed a robust corporate value system which respects both your rights as a consumer, but also the challenges faced by the planet. By centring our business around the sale of pre-loved goods, our aim is to encourage the recommerce of everything from vehicles to electronics, household goods to mobile phones, fashion to beauty products, as well as pets, property, books, jobs, and much more.

On the website, users can create an account to browse a variety of categories to purchase items from. These categories include men and women's fashion and accessories, pet accessories, vehicles, furniture and household items. Have something you want to sell? You can also do that through your account, confident in the fact that you are contributing to a more sustainable society.

Property is also a key area for Loot, with renters and letters alike set to find the website a valuable resource. Whether it's a one-bedroom flat or a new family home, to rent or to buy, the property section will allow users to browse and post properties across the UK.

Are you looking for a new hobby? has various sections which will help you get started with whatever it is that interests you. Musical instruments and DJ equipment are on offer, as are pre-loved toys that will keep little ones entertained for hours. For teens and older children, browse the available electronic, outdoor or creative toys sections, or introduce them to the world of collectible items.

If a career change is in the pipeline, or if you or your company are seeking to hire fresh talent, the Jobs section of Loot is the location you need to visit. Filter by job titles and categories ranging from accounting to education and IT, and find the next step for in your future.

Similarly, if you have services to offer, ranging from maintenance to construction or health & beauty, you can offer them to the public on Loot. Our community section is also the perfect spot to find a new language swap partner, new rideshare opportunities, post lost and found goods fun new classes to try out.

The team at are proud of the relaunched website, and as the website and user-base continues to grow, so too will the business' values and contributions. We hope users across the country can use it as the no.1 destination for buying and selling pre-loved items.

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