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Nike to bring metaverse experience to New York store

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Nike is set to bring its metaverse-based Nikeland experience to its Fifth Avenue store in New York, according to sources reported by WWD.

The project, located on the first floor of Nike NYC, House of Innovation, will provide customers with a variety of augmented reality experiences delivered via Snapchat Lenses according to the sources.

The project is set to be delivered via the online game platform and game creation system Roblox.

The store’s digital showroom will enable customers to outfit their virtual Nikeland avatar with Nike products and will also allow customers to compete in various mini-games according to the sources, and to create their own.

The sportswear giant also told WWD that elements of the virtual experience will be based on Nike's real-life headquarters

The metaverse experience is set to run throughout January according to WWD’s sources.

The news comes after the US sportswear giant first filed several new trademark applications for ‘downloadable virtual goods’ in November 2021.


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