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Specsavers partners with the Big Issue

Through the agreement, Specsavers will offer Big Issue vendors free access to eye care and ear wax removal, and will sponsor the red tabards worn by vendors.

Specsavers is to begin offering Big Issue vendors free access to eye care through a new partnership with the social enterprise, Big Issue Group, which works to provide social and economic opportunities for people experiencing poverty.

Big Issue vendors will be offered a £64 Specsavers gift voucher, providing access to a sight test, an optical coherence tomography scan, as well as eyewear. Vendors will also be offered free ear wax removal.

Specsavers will become the sole sponsor of the red tabards, which provide vendors with increased visibility in public.

Russell Blackman, Big Issue Group’s managing director, shared that the new partnership would help to break down barriers to care, explaining: “People that are experiencing homelessness often have significant eye care needs and yet face considerable barriers in accessing the care they are entitled to.”

“Improving eye care is absolutely essential for skills building, confidence and finding work, so we are delighted to be working with Specsavers on this new initiative that will help to change lives through better sight,” Blackman commented.

Specsavers will be working with the homelessness charity, Crisis, and developing its long-standing partnership with Vision Care for Homeless People, it said.

Peter Bainbridge, UK managing director of Specsavers’ optical business, said: “Because of the circumstances they find themselves in, many homeless or vulnerably housed people don’t have access to eye and hearing care that can make a huge difference to their future prospects,” adding: “They have a much higher prevalence, not just of uncorrected refractive error, but of conditions that, if left untreated, can lead to permanent sight loss.”

Through the partnership, Bainbridge said, “we can help to make a difference.”

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