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Tesco launches reverse supermarket to support food banks!

Give Back Express launches on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

With food banks expecting to face their most challenging winter ever, Tesco and its charity partners FareShare and the Trussell Trust are launching their first ever ‘reverse supermarket’, The Give Back Express. The Give Back Express invites shoppers in to buy and donate the goods most needed by food banks and frontline charities, with Tesco matching the value of the donations purchased to further increase the total amount the charities receive.

With items starting from as little as 40p, shoppers can get involved no matter their budget. Launching to coincide with the 10 th anniversary of the supermarket’s partnership with the two charities, the store will be located on Poland Street in London’s West End and will open its doors from November 25 for one weekend only.

The Give Back Express comes as the Trussell Trust experienced the busiest August and September on record and for the first time ever, their food banks are distributing more food than is being donated. In addition, during the last year, the FareShare network delivered four meals every second to those at risk of hunger. Tesco is encouraging anyone who would like to help spread Christmas joy this year, no matter their budget, to give some extra help this winter.

Inside The Give Back Express, which launches on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, shoppers will find displays of vital goods from tinned foods to tea and toiletries, plus pre-packaged donation bags. Customers can choose and pay for the products they would like to donate but will leave with nothing, as the products will be donated on their behalf. Tesco will also be matching the total amount of money donated over the three days.

The pop-up store supports much of the nation’s desire to be charitable as the annual Tesco Christmas Report revealed an anticipated ‘gift shift’ this festive season, with a rise in charitable giving and requests for donations in place of gifts. Over half (52%) the nation plan to carry out some form of charitable act this Christmas, rising to 70% of 18-24-year-olds. One in ten (8%) UK adults plan to donate to charity this Christmas in place of sending gifts – a 2% increase on 2021. This rises further to 10% amongst 18-24-year-olds. With this in mind, shoppers at The Give Back Express will also have the opportunity to purchase and donate items on behalf of someone else and receive a certificate they can give in lieu of a physical present this Christmas.

Those passing by but short on time can still lend a helping hand by simply scanning a QR code outside the store that lets them donate their Clubcard vouchers, which will be converted to a financial contribution.

In addition to raising much-needed awareness and funds for food banks, the launch of The Give Back Express aims to encourage the nation to get involved in the Tesco Food Collection. Following the unique store’s launch, the annual pre-Christmas Tesco Food Collection will launch in Tesco Express stores from Monday, November 28, and in all Tesco stores nationwide from Thursday December 1, until December 3.

Those who can are invited to contribute in-store, not only through donating at Food Collection points, but by topping up their total balance at the till. Tesco will also sell pre-packaged donation bags full of essential items at all large stores. In addition, Tesco will top up the value of all donations made during the period by 20%.

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