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The Jean Shop Relaunches Online !

The Jean Shop is back. On Friday, the legendary denim store unveiled a new online shop and released a collection of its trademark Japanese orange selvedge denim jeans and limited-edition workwear.

“We are pleased to announce the return of the most respected American denim brand, Jean Shop, with our new online store,” said Scott Milden, Jean Shop co-owner.

The company teased the news on April 16 with a photo of its neon pig logo, a nod to its original retail location which was a refurbished slaughterhouse in New York’s Meatpacking District. The store, which closed in 2018, was described as an “illicit speakeasy,” where stacks of raw and distressed denim jeans draped the brick walls inside the “windowless meat locker.” The shop provided denim heads with a sensory experience that Louis Vuitton New York City Guide called a “must-see” before it eventually relocated to a different location in the city’s Soho neighborhood.

Though Jean Shop opted for a digital-only strategy for its comeback, a return to physical stores is in the works. Jean Shop has plans to open a store in Los Angeles near its manufacturing facility, followed by another location in New York City.

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