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TikTok helping brands embrace interactivity, according to report

TikTok has continued to help brands across fashion gain momentum across social media and embrace interactivity, according to a new report.

The new report from Fanbytes by Brainlabs outlined how important having content that is interactive can be for a brand. 83% of TikTok creators produce their own videos, and brands that provide well-considered opportunities for co-creation often see users responding to the prompt.

Sportswear brand Ellesse presented TikTok's first live-streamed concert. The shoppable content gig gave viewers the chance to browse the specific collection at their leisure and make purchases directly with the encouragement of the Swedish singer Zara Larsson.

The company worked with a diverse cast of influencers on TikTok and created a choreographed dance with several beats for their own moves. Influencers also chose their own outfits from Ellesse's latest collection and filmed their dance using a unique TikTok effect (filter).

The videos combined to create a top-view advert, which asked viewers on TikTok to create their own dance video using the limited-time effect. Selected videos would form part of the concert display during Larsson's performance, acting as a group of virtual backing dancers.

This combination of activities helped clarify the UGC requirements, inspired participants, and identified the winning opportunity - all of which combined to create high quality, top-performing TikTok campaign. It totalled 1.8M+ influencer views, 31K+ likes and 4.2 billion hashtag views.

TikTok’s AR (named ‘TikTok Effects’) and video reaction capabilities (Stitch and Duet) encourage video creation, while livestreams and TikTok Polls capture real-time responses.

The relevance for the use of TikTok effects in fashion projects has come into even sharper focus in Q3 2022, as the app introduced Creative Effects to celebrate fashion month.

Interactivity and personalised content continues to be an important tool for marketing on TikTok. Describing the reason behind the strategy's success, Fanbytes by Brainlabs Co-founder Timothy Armoo, said: “They might not know it, but people are basically on social media to show off.”

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