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Jisp launches store-specific loyalty scheme to help independent retailers Grow'

The initiative will help independent retailers and brands to attract and engage customers through new services and improve on the optimisation of their budgets.

Jisp has launched a new store-specific loyalty programme for independent retailers, shoppers, and brands.

Through its Scan & Save system, the programme aims to help independent retailers and brands attract, engage, and reward shoppers.

Shoppers get rewarded every time they redeem a product with Scan & Save. When they achieve 25 redemptions, the shopper receives a £2.50 off voucher with Jisp. Not only do shoppers save with Jisp, but they also get rewarded at their Scan & Save store.

Utilising the Jisp Media connected commerce solutions and through understanding shopper behaviour via first-party data, brands will be equipped to understand the who, why, what and when of every purchase they are involved in. This will enable budgets to be optimised through Jisp Media connected commerce solutions.

“This is our moon landing for every Scan & Save store today and into the future. Retailers have been calling for a loyalty scheme that’s specific to them at no cost. We want to continue our mission of supporting independent retailers and helping their shoppers save monies and be rewarded for doing so. I believe this is the single most significant opportunity to grow footfall and spend locally that ensures every shopper builds their loyalty with their favourite local store,” said Greg Deacon, Chief Customer Officer of Jisp.

Stores with Jisp, will build store loyalty every time a shopper uses Scan & Save and redeem products. Jisp, will promote leading promotions in-app and socially online to drive shoppers to their local Scan & Save store. In addition, Jisp will provide exclusive 24hr deals, reward shoppers for referring friends and family to help them save money and increase loyalty.

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