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London - the Best for Men’s Tailoring - Top 5

When Milan and Paris are shopping hotspots for women, London triumphs as a favourite destination for men. Whether it is suits or any other timeless attire, fashion trends in menswear are continuously evolving. The debate over quality menswear has always been around since the dawn of fashion. But when it comes to choosing the best for your sartorial self-respect, future classics hold the flag over fleeting fads. In this blog below we will discuss in detail tailoring houses that will give you all the probable reasons why you should incorporate their outfits in your wardrobe.

Here is a list of top 5 tailoring houses across the world :

Gieves and Hawkes

Gieves and Hawkes are often credited as one of the most popular British tailoring houses. The history of the fashion house does date back to 1771, but if you think of an official inauguration it’s not before 1974. Since its opening now, the tailoring house has had a preeminent name in the fashion world. From military suits to regular suits the fashion prowess showed by the brand is undeniable. Boasting big clients like Bill Clinton and Micheal Jackson, the combination of traditional and innovation is what gives rise to cutting-edge design.

Thom Sweeney

The story behind this tailoring house is pretty interesting. It’s said the name of the fashion brand is an amalgamation of two partners Thom Whiddett and Luke Sweeny. Since the establishment of the tailoring business in 2006, the fashion house has to its credit dressed many famous people in the world. Now such is the reputation of the brand that the ready-to-wear collections are stocked in some of the most respected retailers around the world. Apart from that, the artisans at the tailoring house have even traveled from Mayfair to big cities like Stockholm and Geneva for exhibiting their bespoke collections.

Anderson and Sheppard

The London-based tailoring house has been around for more than a century. It might sound pretty long but the fashion house itself deserves kudos to maintain its quality and authenticity! Founded in 1906, Anderson and Sheppard boast more than 60 staff and expert tailors who give life to the fabric pieces in a precise manner. From traditional tweeds to cashmere wool, the bespoke designer brand has already created made-to-order pieces for top politicians around the world. Apart from that the tailoring house also makes ready-to-knitwear shirts and a range of other accessories for men!


If you are someone who wants sleek and minimalistic men outfitters then Kilgour is the quintessential designer house for you. Located on Savile Row, the luxury tailoring house has till now many credits to its name. Starting from designing suits on screen for Fred Astaire, and Daniel Craig for Top Hat and Layer cake, the fashion label has come a long way. What separates the designer house from the rest is it’s ready-to-wear and made to measure pieces. Their signature style always involves a neat shoulder and shaping the torso extension which makes the final design stand out.

WW Chan and Sons

Move over London and Italy, if you crave garments with an ancient touch then WW Chan and Sons are the only answer. One of the top and exquisite tailors from Asia, the bespoke tailoring house has kept the age-old Shanghainese techniques alive through business. For everyone who needs individual designs coupled with laborious stitching styles, the designer house caters to their taste very well. A part of the Red Gang Tailors, the store combines techniques from Russia, China, and England for a precise and well-crafted result. Truly one of the best tailoring houses for menswear!

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